My Favorite Ethical White T-Shirts

For the rule-followers amongst us and with Memorial Day weekend now behind us, I thought it
would be fun to share some of my favorite ethical white t-shirts and blouses, as well as different
ways I like to style them. My most favorite ethical fashion company of all won't be a surprise to
those who've followed me for any amount of time, but — you guessed it — Everlane.


I'll lay out a few of my top reasons I love Everlane and then we’ll get on to the shirts.

  1. They are known best for their "Radical Transparency". They believe in knowing who makes your clothes and that everyone deserves being paid a fair wage.
  2. They don't believe in the "mark-up" and are up-front about why they are charging what they charge. (see image below)
  3. A huge part of sustainable fashion is buying quality over quality and Everlane is just that. You buy clothes that last with Everlane and I can appreciate that about them.
  4. Their clothing is timeless and I love how most of their pieces are solid colors so they can be in my closet for years with no sign of "out of style".

With some of my favorite reasons why I love Everlane laid out, I'll now share some of my favorite white blouses/tees.

I'm wearing the The Japanese GoWeave Back-Zip Tee in White and I can't say enough good things about it. It's the perfect summer shirt as it is made from 100% triacetate—making it crease-resistant and cooling, perfect for surviving the heat with a subtle texture and silky drape. It also has a great weight to it that gives me the reassurance it will last for years to come.


I am also a huge fan of scoop neck blouses and shirts and all the variety it allows when
accessorizing. I fully believe in working with a variety of textiles and materials when putting an
outfit together. With the subtle texture of this blouse plus the texture from my water buffalo horn necklace or bandana scarf from Noonday Collection, they compliment each other beautifully. 

I also love the creativity of the back of The Japanese GoWeave Back-Zip Tee, and how it elevates the style of the shirt.

My other favorite white t-shirts from Everlane are from their linen collection. Their lightweight linen gives you an easy drape and a breathable feel for warmer days. These are my go-to items when packing for a summer getaway.

Everlane also carries Men's and children's clothes as well so you can get your whole family amazing quality staples and ethical pieces in one shopping trip!

Other Favorite Ethical White T-shirts

I have other white t-shirts in my closet from a few of my favorite sustainable companies that I thought I'd share below - you might not need a new one now, but my hope is that when you have a gap in your closet and you need to fill it, you'll think of the companies I share here on my blog when you shop!

Live FashionABLE

FashionABLE has been a big favorite of mine as I have three of their purses, but they just came out with their new clothing line last week called .ABLE and I'm over the moon for it. I happened to be in Nashville over the weekend and got to try on and personally shop the new collection. I was like a kid in a candy shop. Their new clothing line is all handmade in Peru and is incredibly soft and could be mistaken for wearing butter. They are such great quality pieces and timeless. I'm a big fan of their color scheme and how I can have it in my closet for years to come.


ThredUp is a great second-hand online clothing company. A great way to shop ethically is to shop second-hand to give clothes a new life and ThredUp is my favorite avenue for shopping via thrift stores. You can filter by your size, type of clothing (tops) and color (white), and quickly scan to shop what you are looking for!

Krochet Kids intl.

Krochet Kids intl. makes their clothing line in Peru just like Live FashionABLE and considering I traveled to Peru last summer with Noonday Collection, that pulls on my heart strings. I love their Standard Tee and the Organic Tee.

Screen Shot 2017-06-06 at 6.26.43 PM.png

Made in the USA

Lastly, I encourage you to keep asking major companies #whomadeyourclothes and if your shopping at major companies such as Nordstrom or Macy's, don't forget you can search "Made in the USA" in the search bar! They make it so easy to make an ethical shopping purchase without even realizing it with the "Made in the USA" note in the details section! 

*this post is sponsored by Everlane, my favorite Ethical clothing line!

a noonday collection ambassador trip: guatemala 2016

It’s a Friday afternoon in Santiago, Guatemala—a small town with a large indigenous Mayan population on Lake Atitlán. I’m standing on a cleanly swept dirt floor around a long wooden table, watching a group of local women sit and sift through piles of beads before they string them into beautiful multicolored beaded cuffs. I’m here with eleven other Noonday Ambassadors, on a weeklong trip to visit four Artisan partner groups.

As I look back on our week in Guatemala, what I will be taking away from this experience are the people I got to meet and what I learned from them, especially from the leaders of our Artisan partner groups.

During our time with Ana, an amazing woman leader working in Santiago,

 I loved seeing the sense of pride she has in her work. 

She enjoys who she works with, laughing and learning alongside them. She is always trying to improve—from constructing a tin roof over their rear workspace to switching from a wood-burning fire to propane gas to heat their dye (which can be hazardous for their health and also enables them to produce more—and thus earn more). Ana is proud of the work she has created for her community and leads them well.


On another day in the nearby town of San Juan La Laguna, we got to meet Cristobol, one of Noonday’s key Artisan partners in Guatemala. Cristobol 

has a passion for empowering others,

 despite the difficult circumstances he went through in his past. I was so moved by the way he has built a network of teams in his workshop—we met the eight women who each have their own team, allowing them to learn leadership skills, and they even share the various steps involved in the creation of each bracelet.

Because of the work they’ve received through Noonday, each of these eight women leaders in Cristobol’s team have been able to open their own personal bank account and he’s also currently training twenty-one additional women to have a trade and soon join his team. He’s looking out for his community and I walked away from our time together inspired to grow even more involved in my own home community.


Finally, I loved meeting Rosario and her team. Rosario has a 

determination to pursue her dreams.

 She drives four hours one-way every weekend to attend university and is also putting her daughters through school right now. In a community where it’s often typical for a girl to only complete education through sixth grade, Rosario’s determination to see her children and all of her female Artisans complete their education was humbling and inspiring to witness. She said that Ambassador trips always bring her joy and peace. It was amazing to realize our connection was just as meaningful for both of us.

This trip was a beautiful picture of how no matter what your role is in life and in the world, you matter. Whether you’re a Noonday Artisan partner,




or customer, every role is vital and dependent on each other. I am so thankful to now have that perspective.

Now when I see our pieces, I see more than jewelry—I see the faces behind them, and the stories they shared with us. Just as the women in Rosario’s workshop transformed individual glass beads into wearable works of art, I now feel an

even stronger

connection with the story of Noonday—all of our individual stories, of Artisans and Ambassadors, woven together across the world.

Emmy's Recap

Since becoming a

Noonday Ambassador

, I've fallen more in love with fashion than ever before. My eyes have been opened to how we can use fashion for


. Media had portrayed fashion as something only attainable to movie stars or celebrities but Noonday has opened my eyes to the world and how I too, can be fashionable. The jewelry from


can spruce up any t-shirt or dress that you already own in your closet. And, it can change our artisans life. I've learned so much about fashion since being an Ambassador and the biggest hurdle I've overcome in my fashion life is that anyone can enjoy it. It's not just for the rich and famous, we too can enjoy fashion! Step out of your comfort zone and have fun with fashion...see the trends the celebrities and movie stars are wearing and make them yours. 

This week, I'm showing you some actresses from the red carpet at the Emmy's and pairing a Noonday accessory with them that I, personally, would wear with their dress. Now that I've been made aware of my purchasing power, I lean more towards a world changing accessory than diamonds. Which, if you know me, that's a big deal. I love diamonds. ;) 

I love Kate McKinnon from her beginnings with SNL and I know she would rock our

Black Diamond Earrings

 with her gorgeous black dress. It's such a classy and sophisticated look without being overstated.

Natalie Dormer is looking stunning in her red carpet dress. Such a flattering shape for her and again, love how sophistication is a theme for the Emmy's this year! Our

Lionheart Earrings

made in Ethiopia would also pair very nicely with her pop of orange she has going on. I also LOVE how her nails match her dress....coming from one nail lover to the other. (ps. so excited to see Natalie in the new Mockingjay movie of the Hunger Game series!)

Uzo Abuda wears the classic red perfectly. She looks beautiful and classy. I know our

Fire Peruvian Bangle

would be a wonderful addition to her already fabulous outfit. 

Lizzy Caplan will always be Janis from Mean Girls to me. She continues the sophisticated and simple theme with her elegant black dress. I love the surprise white fabric in the back as well to add variety to the classic black dress. I believe the 

Film Noir Clutch

 would add a great texture and pop of color to her outfit. 

Julianne Hough represents the one of many who wore white to the Emmy's. So many of the actresses took the "

white clothing came out on Memorial Day and went away on Labor Day" rule seriously. Kristin Wigg and Sophia Vergara are two other favorites that rocked the white. Julianna went for the minimalistic theme for her accessories and I would continue that look with our

Nouveau earrings

 that our gorgeous yet understated. 

Sarah Hyland of Modern Family looked gorgeous in the white look but added a pop of color with her coral skirt. I love how she dressed her age. Even though I can't get behind the crop top trend right now, I think Sarah pulls it off beautifully with the classier type crop top and doesn't dress outside her age group. For accessories, our 

Phoenix Earrings

 would pair very nicely with her beautiful look! 

Lastly, Julianna Margulies looked absolutely stunning in her red carpet attire. She looks flawless and I loved the twist on a black dress with the champaign under tone on her skirt. The only thing missing is our

La Noche

 bracelet to finish her look off with some textured bling! :)

Comment below on who your favorites were from the Emmy's, best or worst dressed, I wanna hear!

And, for anyone who places an order for any of the items I talked about today from now until next Monday, September 8th, on my


, you will be entered to win a

$50 gift certificate! 

Anniversary Dinner Outfit

     Yesterday Aaron, my husband, and I celebrated one year of marriage! I just can't believe it! What a wonderful year it has been! It's also been a year of a lot

of change with moving to a completely new city, St Louis, along with starting a new job, & being MARRIED! The best part of all the newness is going through it all with Aaron. He constantly keeps me laughing and when I'm stressed, keeps me looking towards Christ. That's definitely the best part about marriage - having a partner. Being a team and going through life


Another completely new thing this year is my adventure with Noonday Collection! 

If you haven't heard of

Noonday Collection

 before, it uses fashion and design to create economic opportunities for the vulnerable. We have artisans in over 10 countries who's lives are being changed because of our purchases. 

By creating a marketplace for their goods, they create dignified jobs at living wages, allowing artisans to earn more in

order to support their families. They also offer no interest loans and make advance payments on orders. This way they are able to shoulder the costs of materials and build a lasting relationship based on trust. Additionally, the company offers scholarship programs, emergency assistance, 


 donates a portion of sales to place orphans in forever families.

The necklace below,

Scattered Seeds


is one of my favorite pieces. It is made in Ecuador out of tagua seeds


"Our tagua pieces start out as a large pod. It may not look like much, but our Ecuadorian artisans are skilled at transforming these unsightly pods into works of art." (See photo below)

I'm so thankful I get the opportunity to be an ambassador and share these stories of our artisans all over the world, and to have married a man who supports my passion and love for the Lord. It changes the whole game to have his support and who is happy to help me get prepared for a show. Read more about my Noonday story


This Look:


Scattered Steps

 (Noonday Collection)


Cubed Studs

 (Noonday Collection)

Dress: Target


Warby Parker


Jutti flats



The artisans separate the seed from the pod and cut the seed with a saw to the perfect shape and size.

The cut pieces are placed in a tumbler where they are buffed and smoothed to perfection. 

 The tagua is cleaned and dyed rich colors in large tubs and then left to dry.


The artisans drill small holes in each piece, string the beads, and burn off all loose ends to create each special necklace and bracelet. 

Purchase the

Scattered Steps Necklace

, Handmade with Love in Ecuador.