DIY: Valentines Day / #lookbrookediy

As many of you know, when it comes to holidays, i'm all over it. I'm a bit obsessed with celebrating every little holiday there is. I get joy out of it and I especially get joy out of blessing others with holidays, if it's christmas, having Christmas games for my family to bond over, or, Valentines, giving gifts to show how much I love someone, especially now my Fiancé. :)

I went 21 years without a Valentine, so for all you haters out there, I know where your at - and my family and friends can be my witness, I STILL loved the holiday even while I was single. Just because your single doesn't mean you can't bless your best friend, mom, dad, sister, co-worker, whoever, with a little something extra :) 

With that being said, now that I do have a Valentine, Aaron can tell you, I love it! haha. 
This year, since we are in a long distance relationship, I wanted him to have something leading up to Valentines so I made my very own Valentine Advent calendar if you will... 

I knew Michaels Craft store had these adorable paper bags (come in all colors but i LOVE brown bags) and I wanted to use them somehow. So i thought, why not make it so he has something to open everyday? (nothing new under the sun but I made it "ours.")

So, if your struggling with what to do for your best friend or love of your life, consider making them your very own Valentines advent calendar too! Maybe even make it start on Valentines Day and be 14 days after? Be creative! And then, share what you made on instagram and twitter and share them with us by using the hashtag #lookbrookediy :) Meaning, look! Brooke! A Do it yourself craft! 

I can't wait to see what you make and hopefully, I'll get some ideas for next year too! I will share all of your photos on my blog on Feb 14th so get sharing!!! :D 

And to all my readers, 

Happy crafting and Valentines Day in advance! Make sure someone knows you love them on that day, above all else.