Brunch Beauties

One of my favorite things to do since moving to St. Louis in July of 2013 is to explore. Not growing up here, I've taken upon myself to get to know the city and to love where I've been planted. After a hard first year of not having people we knew, I finally got connected and met some wonderful people from our church, The Journey! Some of those people are the girls below. God has given me some great friends here and I'm so glad He hears our prayers! 

When you visit St. Louis, you need to stop at Bowood Farms and have brunch. Bowood farms is a natural greenhouse-style facility that has a cafe inside. Cafe Osage is "located within Bowood Farms, and features fresh vegetables and herbs grown directly on-site." It has the ability to transport you to another world inside the city limits. It's such a fun 'girls day' spot and does not disappoint. 

Eight months after moving to St. Louis, I began my journey as a

Noonday Collection


, and, to be quite frank, I was nervous due to not knowing many people at all. The girls in my community group at church were such a driving force at giving me the strength to go for it and the support I needed to "take the plunge" to be brave! Their support has meant the world and they wear it SO well. I love how everyone has a unique style and how Noonday still offers variety to fit everyones different styles! Emily totally rocks the

Quito Necklace

with her stripes. Swoon.

One of my favorite pieces is the 

 Rustic leather tote

. It is handmade in India out of goat leather and is the perfect size. I love that it can go dressy or casual too. We are best friends forever.

Krissy is rocking the gorgeous 

black diamond earrings

. They are just what Krissy needed to finish off her outfit. Perfect mix of edgy and sparkle. I love how see connects with the pieces made in India. It's so special seeing your friends and family connect with a certain country that our artisans are from!

I am grateful for community and that I get to explore St. Louis with these beauties. Friendship is so special to me and it's so great when you meet others who value the same things you do!

Lastly, Erin just rocks this vintage Noonday piece. She is such a support to me and has even

hosted a Noonday trunk show

. God knew what He was doing when he placed us as neighbors and I'm so glad he did.

Moving to a new place where nothing is familiar is hard. Growing up is hard. But find people who encourage you and can walk beside you through it and I think you'll see alot of growth. Take the risk and be brave. Now, go enjoy the weekend and never stop exploring!

Blog Train

Welcome to the Noonday Collection Blog Train. If you're new to the blog train, it's 30 days of giveaways and blog posts featuring storytelling and styling advice. Please be sure to drop by 


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 post tonight!

I have been anxiously awaiting this blog post for about a month now. It's the first post of the new


with Noonday Collection and it is also the 3rd day of the Noonday Ambassador Blog Train! 

Before Noonday, my jewelry box consisted of jewelry from your typical stores such as Target, Charming Charlies and others alike. I loved a good deal. But, what I didn't realize was that "good deal" came at a human price. I was able to buy that necklace for $15 because of the sweatshops that were making cheap clothes and accessories with a price of someone's life and rights. 

Noonday opened my eyes to the unseen. I didn't realize how when you're aware of your purchases, it can either 

change for good or bad. I highly encourage you to read Kelsey Timmerman's book 


Where Am I Wearing: 

A Global Tour to the Countries, Factories, and People That Make Our Clothes


  as it goes into this subject a little more in depth. 

I now wear jewelry that is made from seeds in Ecuador

, recycled paper in Uganda and ethically harvested water buffalo horn in Vietnam. Hello, what?! I seriously love it so much. Now, I invest in one necklace that may be a little more than I'm used to so that someone's life can be changed from it, instead of saving a few dollars and ignoring the injustice. And you know what, it feels better than a clearance sale ever did. 

And now, let me introduce you to my newest favorite from the Fall line, the

Monaco Necklace

. This gorgeous statement necklace is made out of ethically harvested cow horn from India. Noonday's artisans do not harm the cow in order to make our jewelry. 

Both the 

Monaco Necklace


Featherweight Cuff

 I am wearing are either made out of the 


 harvested cow or water buffalo horn. They are for sure, some top new favorites of mine. I never thought I'd have jewelry made from India or Vietnam in my jewelry box or let alone, made from cow & buffalo horn, but I 


 love it. It makes me feel apart of something so much bigger than myself. 

Noonday began working with a group of Vietnamese artisans in 2013, after seeing some of their beautiful designs at an artisan craft show. The village we work with, Thuy Ung, has been carving bullhorn into unique pieces for over 400 years. Once created only for royal families, these pieces are now crafted for Noonday customers. Our partner group provides business training for the artisans and ensures fair pricing for their goods. This ancient craft continues to provide the people of the village with a reliable income and the chance to share their pieces with the world. 

So, who's up for a giveaway?!?! Who wants to add this gorgeous 

Monaco Necklace

 to their jewelry box today? You can be apart of what Noonday is doing and wear this gorgeous piece proudly. Enter below to win and I will announce the winner tomorrow! 

(Due to each horn being different and handmade, each cuff comes slightly unique. A wonderful Noonday touch.) 

This Look: 


Monaco Necklace

 (Noonday Collection)


Arched Arrow Earrings

 (Noonday Collection)


Featherweight Cuff

(Noonday Collection)

Shirt :

You-So-Fancy Tee

(Free People)


Rustic Leather Tote

(Noonday Collection) 


The Diva Skinny Jean

(Old Navy)


Jessica Simpson Roelle Sandal 


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