Anniversary Dinner Outfit

     Yesterday Aaron, my husband, and I celebrated one year of marriage! I just can't believe it! What a wonderful year it has been! It's also been a year of a lot

of change with moving to a completely new city, St Louis, along with starting a new job, & being MARRIED! The best part of all the newness is going through it all with Aaron. He constantly keeps me laughing and when I'm stressed, keeps me looking towards Christ. That's definitely the best part about marriage - having a partner. Being a team and going through life


Another completely new thing this year is my adventure with Noonday Collection! 

If you haven't heard of

Noonday Collection

 before, it uses fashion and design to create economic opportunities for the vulnerable. We have artisans in over 10 countries who's lives are being changed because of our purchases. 

By creating a marketplace for their goods, they create dignified jobs at living wages, allowing artisans to earn more in

order to support their families. They also offer no interest loans and make advance payments on orders. This way they are able to shoulder the costs of materials and build a lasting relationship based on trust. Additionally, the company offers scholarship programs, emergency assistance, 


 donates a portion of sales to place orphans in forever families.

The necklace below,

Scattered Seeds


is one of my favorite pieces. It is made in Ecuador out of tagua seeds


"Our tagua pieces start out as a large pod. It may not look like much, but our Ecuadorian artisans are skilled at transforming these unsightly pods into works of art." (See photo below)

I'm so thankful I get the opportunity to be an ambassador and share these stories of our artisans all over the world, and to have married a man who supports my passion and love for the Lord. It changes the whole game to have his support and who is happy to help me get prepared for a show. Read more about my Noonday story


This Look:


Scattered Steps

 (Noonday Collection)


Cubed Studs

 (Noonday Collection)

Dress: Target


Warby Parker


Jutti flats



The artisans separate the seed from the pod and cut the seed with a saw to the perfect shape and size.

The cut pieces are placed in a tumbler where they are buffed and smoothed to perfection. 

 The tagua is cleaned and dyed rich colors in large tubs and then left to dry.


The artisans drill small holes in each piece, string the beads, and burn off all loose ends to create each special necklace and bracelet. 

Purchase the

Scattered Steps Necklace

, Handmade with Love in Ecuador.