See Things Closer x KNEAD Bakehouse

St. Louis! Knead Bakehouse + Provisions is turning one...can you believe it?! If you’re like me, you might be surprised because it feels like Knead has already been a part of the community forever but it's true, they’ve only been around for a year and they have for sure made their mark. It has quickly become a favorite of ours for breakfast and especially a place to bring out-of-town guests to as well.


The first time I ate at Knead, I felt transported to Fisherman's Wharf in San Francisco. I was swept straight back to when I visited Aaron’s hometown for the first time when we were dating. It was that good. I love it when food transports you to a certain place and makes you forget you’re in your hometown. That's why I am so passionate about trying new things, both when you’re traveling and when you’re exploring your own town (#seethingsclosercityfind).


I was even more excited when I learned that AJ, one of the owners of Knead, went to culinary school in Lyon, France. Are you kidding me?! I’ve only been to two cities in France (Lyon and Paris) and one of them is where he studied at culinary school? The coolest. Another reason I must have felt transported to a different place.


If you have yet to try Knead out, you must go. Knead sells loaves of its sourdough Rustic Loaf and its brioche to go. My first few visits were for breakfast because I could not turn down their kolache, but I recently tried their lunch menu and it was to die for. I can not believe I have been missing out on an amazing lunch spot this last year. I tried their butternut squash soup and grilled cheese and holy moly. You just have to go and try it for yourself.


And speaking of trying it for should go this weekend! Knead is celebrating their first birthday BIG! Both on Saturday, November 17th, and Sunday, November 18th, from 8am to 3pm! They will be offering 10% off as a thank-you, @rudysflowertruck will be selling flowers from 9-1 on Saturday and Sunday, and @redletteredgoods will be selling hand-lettered products from 9-1 on Saturday. And I hear they will have ridiculous amounts of birthday cake, too! ;)

I hope you will pay them a visit soon (this weekend?!) for breakfast or lunch and come back and share what you got. But have no fear, it's all good so you can’t choose wrong. And be sure to tag your photos with #seethingsclosercityfind, as I would love to see you out exploring our city and trying something new!

Knead Bakehouse & Provisions, 3467 Hampton Ave., Southampton, St. Louis, Missouri

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*this post is sponsored by KNEAD Bakehouse, an amazing cafe in St. Louis, MO. #seethingsclosercityfind