A Chicago Apartment Tour

Growing up, Chicago was far away. It was a big adventure to get on a plane and fly to Chicago so it is a bit surreal to live 5 hours away from it now in St. Louis, MO. It’s even more surreal to have some of my very best friends living there who can make the experience feel like home.

After visiting them twice now, I knew I had to document their gorgeous apartment. Not only is it beautiful with all its character and history with its oak doors and hardwood floors, but they have totally made it home for themselves and their guests. They have filled it with so many special possessions that tell a story of where they’ve come from and all who have been a part of their story.


From a basket full of love notes they wrote to each other while dating long distance, an art print of their wedding vows, or date night cards, their home is filled with so many special items to remind them of the community surrounding them as they pave a way in their new city without friends or family near.

I hope you enjoy these photos as much as I do and I dare you to try not to go out and buy a plant after looking at all of these. My friend is a plant whisperer. Teach me your ways.