Frank + Oak Style Plan

While in Chicago over Labor Day weekend last year, we made it a point to visit Frank + Oak’s store. Aaron, my husband, has been shopping with them for over four years now--way before my desire to shop ethically. We simply love their aesthetic and the great quality they offer. I always knew that if they carried women’s clothing, too, I’d be in trouble.

But then, while shopping at their Chicago store last September, I mentioned this to one of their employees, who said, “Well, we ARE getting a women’s line! THIS winter!”

Cue my happy dance. I was SO pumped and couldn’t wait to see it.

So, fast forward a few months and here we are. Their women’s line is OUT and their aesthetic is just as amazing and well-made. I love companies who make great fashion and social responsibility coexist together, so you don’t have to choose one or the other.

With the launch of the women’s line, they also launched their “Style Plan” which is a new, innovative way to shop for me. I’m used to the box subscription where you get clothing at your door every month and it’s a total surprise. But that’s not the case with Frank + Oak’s Style Plan.

Even more than control over what you receive every month, here are a few more things I love about their new clothing subscription plan.


The one thing that has kept me from clothing subscription boxes in the past is the surprise element and the commitment. Frank + Oak’s Style Plan solves both of those problems for me. With the Style Plan, you get to pick out what you want your four pieces to be and when you want to receive them. This is probably my favorite feature (other than their quality clothes) and will keep me coming back, along with their free standard shipping and free returns.



Like I previously mentioned, I love Frank + Oak’s aesthetic. That’s no secret. But, to give you a little more insight on what exactly I love about their aesthetic, I admire their desire to give us pieces that are stylish, not just trendy, and use limited patterns. Trends fade, but style stays around for decades and my pieces from Frank + Oak can be just that: Timeless and in my closet for years to come.



The more consumers demand ethical practices from their favorite companies, the more second-nature it’s going to become for factories. Shopping quality over quantity requires more attention to our purchasing decisions, but I don’t find that all bad. Budgeting for quality items over buying ten super cheap items at the mall also means you will most likely love your closet that much more. Which is why I love the Style Plan. You get five tokens with each month and you get 3-5 quality items with your plan, all for $79. With this kind of deal, ethical fashion is going to be the easy choice in no time.

Lastly, I’m so excited to share that Frank + Oak has given me a code for you to get $30 off your first Style Plan order! Let me know below if you’ve shopped with Frank + Oak before and what you think of their Style Plan below - I’d love to know what catches your eye!

*this post is sponsored by Frank + Oak, an amazing new player in the Women's Ethical fashion, game! #frankandoaknetwork