Home for the Holidays: 5 Essential Travel Tips

With the holidays coming up, I think it’s safe to say we will all be doing some type of traveling -- whether that be via the road or air travel style -- so here are a few ideas to make sure your journeys home are full of Christmas spirit and low on stress.


Pack Light

If you can swing it, try to pack everything into a carry-on suitcase. It helps reduce extra baggage costs and also helps you avoid those infamously long baggage check-in lines if traveling by air -- but even if traveling by car, it gives you more space to stretch out during the journey. I always find it a little easier to travel light over the holidays -- we usually stay home more, so re-wearing clothing isn’t as a big of a deal and you can do laundry more often -- thus leaving more room for gifts in your carry-on or car!

Stay Hydrated  

Carry an empty water bottle to refill in the airport. Hydration is key for flying! Most airports are equipped with stations to fill your own bottle in order to save the plastic from going to landfills. I also love my non-chemical rose water mist for skin hydration. If you are as fascinated as I am by how dehydrated we get while traveling, I loved this article and this one.


Go Tech Free

I love reading but often don’t make time for it so I usually try to bring a magazine I haven’t had time to read + my newest book. Bringing a non-electronic entertainment option (how about some adult coloring books or letters you’ve been meaning to write?) is also a good idea for possible delays. Nothing’s worse than fighting over an outlet at the gate when your iPhone dies.  

Don’t wrap gifts

As someone who loves being ahead of the game so that I can fully enjoy myself once I am with my people, this one is hard for me. But, it will help you move quickly through security.

“Wrapped gifts are allowed in both carry-ons and checked luggage, but TSA officials might need to open them during the security inspection, so if you can wait till you get to your destination to wrap, it's probably smarter. Wrapped gifts are less likely to get unwrapped if they're in your checked luggage as opposed to your carry-on, but by all means do not put anything valuable or irreplaceable in checked luggage: If the item is stolen, damaged, or lost, you will have little recourse.” - tip from the CN Traveler.


Compression Socks for Travel

I can get really stiff calves while traveling so my newest favorite thing is my compression socks. I know I could be getting laughed at on the other side of the screen as you read this because I might sound like an 80-year-old women, but I’m owning it ha. Compression socks have helped me so much! They were created to keep the blood flowing in your legs and the fabric is stitched in a way that creates pressure and prevents deep vein thrombosis. Highly recommended!

For more great tips on travel, I am loving this blog. I hope you have a great holiday season and that all your travels go smoothly!