It's a jungle out there...

It's HERE!!! The new Spring Line is finally HERE! I have been drooling over these new pieces since last month and just itching to share something so dear and special to my heart!

In November, I was approached by Noonday's home office to be in the Spring 15' Look Book"! You can imagine my excitement and shock at this out of the blue opportunity. I was totally blind sided and completely humbled at the same time. They shared that they loved the pictures from Aaron & I's


and wanted to feature a newlywed. I'm so honored that they choose me! It is a pretty special feeling when someone values something you hold so close to your heart. 

This season, Noonday had the brilliant idea to feature an ambassador next to an artisan to show that even though we are different we are also the same. Each artisan story pairs with an ambassador who has a similar story. I must admit, when I realized they paired me with Fanny from Rwanda, another newlywed, tears flooded my eyes. I just kept repeating "no way, NO WAY" in my head. No way, I get to live this life? Man, what an honor. I am so excited to carry Fanny's story with me to trunk shows this season and for all my St. Louis customer's to see our city, nice and big, at the top of my page.

I found this hidden gem in St. Louis called "The Jewel Box". It is a green house that doubles as a wedding venue. Would you believe me when I told you it is two minutes from my apartment? I am one lucky gal. When I walked in I knew it would be the perfect location for this blog post. The theme of the Spring 2015 look book is Jungle and I found my very own jungle here in St. Louis. Let's escape the snow storm and dream of the tropics together! 

This seaon I'm so excited to also announce we are partnering with THREE new countries! One of my newest favorite artisan group is in Mexico! Artisan entrepreneur Mario and his talented seamstress team are located in Jalisco, Mexico. They use traditional Otomi embroidery, featuring animal and nature motifs in vibrant colors. Each bag is hand embroidered and sent to Guadalajara to be finished with luscious leather and I might not just let this bag out of my sight this summer... ;). 

I am just so excited the day is finally here for you to see the new line for yourself and I hope you love all the new pieces that have been HANDMADE just for us. Together, we are creating a flourishing world where children are cherished, women are empowered, people have jobs, and we are connected. 

The new Tushabe necklace, handmade in Uganda, is a for sure favorite. Purple has and will always have my heart and it's the perfect color for spring. Bonus tip, the

 Ivory drop earrings from India pair nicely adding a little "shine" to your outfit. 

Thank you all for your support and I'm so excited to announce this gorgeous new line with you. If you'd like to see it all in person, contact me today at to book your trunk show today! Join hands with us and continue the impact Noonday is having on men & women all over the world by creating a pathway out of poverty through

shopping online

. I mean, it was just Valentine's right? Treat yo' self! ;) Happy Launch, everyone! 

Tushabe Necklace (Uganda) 

Ivory Drop Earrings (India)

Bazaar Bangles (India)

Birds of Paradise Purse (Mexico)