For Sofiya

Fall is in full swing in St. Louis, MO & I am loving it! Fall outfits are so cozy & I am loving the scarf's from this season of Noonday Collection's fall & winter line. There is something so special about the stories these item's represent. It's so much more than a scarf and accessories. Noonday has opened my eyes to how my purchases have power. The story behind this scarf, the

Himalyan Scarf

, is one that is really empowering. It is made from a new artisan group in India that for the first time have dignity and respect in their community. "people who have suffered from leprosy, also known as Hansen’s Disease. At the Little Flower village in Bihar, India, 225 people whose lives have been affected by leprosy live and work." -

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"The silk these artisans use to create our multi-colored Himalayan Scarf is harvested in a special way. Unlike most silk production, the process at Little Flower involves allowing the moths to emerge from their cocoons naturally. This gives the silk a raw, less processed feel than typical silk because the moths create little abrasions in the silk fibers as they emerge. We love that at every step, these artisans take care to consider their impact on the environment and on other living things. It’s just one more detail that makes this handmade scarf a unique work of art."

Our artisans are so talented and I love how we incorporate their talent into our products. I love how they use their skill that has been passed down from generation from generation & how they share it with us here in the states.

Another beautiful piece from our India artisans that is one of our best sellers this season is the Sofiya Wrap bracelet.  Our lead product manufacturer, Claire, is visiting our artisans right now and can you believe that mound of bracelets?! They love what they do. They have dignity for their work. Having a marketplace in the States creates so much opportunity for their product to be displayed well & for their story to be told. The bracelet is named after one of our India artisans named Sofiya.

"Sofiya towers above many of her countrywomen and exudes strength, courage, and positivity, both physically and emotionally. Yet despite her big smile, she has had to overcome many obstacles on her road to independence. In India, women are to be dependent upon others but she wanted to rise above the expectations. She wanted to be the exception & I'm so proud of her for working towards that goal. "When Sofiya was 18 years old, she learned about a partnering Noonday Collection equitable trade group based in New Delhi.When Sofiya heard about their jewelry-making program, she knew she wanted to become an artisan." She set out a goal and never stopped working towards it. Sofyia participated in programs where she learned about her rights as an Indian citizen and as a woman & began her partnership with Noonday. Read more of Sofiya's encouraging story


So, when you wear your

Himalayan Scarf

Sofiya Wrap

, your wearing a story of strength & courage. Think of Sofiya & all our India artisans and be encouraged how we are fighting for eachother & buying a scarf & bracelet is worth so much more than just an accessory. Thanks for believing in Noonday & what it is doing for others around the world!