What's in your Bag?

I have been totally inspired by the Noonday Collection blog series "

A Peek inside our Bag

". I love how it makes you feel more connected to the girls who work at home office and I couldn't resist joining! :) 

And here's little more of why I love each item in my bag:

1. My fossil wallet is a must: My Uncle Mike gave me my first fossil wallet when I was in middle school and I blame him for my fossil obsession. I started young and it hasn't faded since. I have a huge obsession now with leather, which you'll also read about at #10. ;)

2. New York & Company Sunglasses: My husband Aaron convinced me to try out aviators two years ago with this pair and I bought two more for $4 each to keep in safe keeping in case I ever lost a pair. Their my favorite sunglasses I've ever owed. And the best value.

3. Rifle Paper Co Notebook: It might be that Anna Bond, creator of Rifle Paper Co, & I are both Alumni of Liberty University that drew me to her work, but it is her incredible talent that keeps me coming back. I am obsessed with her stationary business and love keeping notes in this gorgeous notebook. 

4. BareMinerals Lip Gloss: I became obsessed with this lip gloss last year and haven't turned back since.

5. Kind Bar: With my attempt to eat more healthy snacks, I turned to Kind Bars with the suggestion of my best friend, Taylor. She never fails to bring her A game. I didn't expect to love my healthy snacks but I'm totally hooked on the almond & coconut flavor. You gotta try it. I owe you big time, Tay.

6. Bath & Body Works Lotion: Peach & honey almond lotion for the win. Not only is the packaging gorgeous, it smells divine.

7. Fossil Watch: As said earlier, my obsession started early with fossil. My watch is a testament to that. I don't leave the house without it. And if I do, my wrist feels alone all day. 

8. Noonday Collection Bracelet: my

Very Versatile

 bracelet from Noonday totally caught me by surprise. My sister-in-law, Natalie, purchased it first and I fell in love with it the moment I saw it in person. It has that edgy style I don't typically go for but I feel like every girl should own this bracelet. 

9. Canon Camera/ iPhone 5: The first and last picture are essentially the same except one thing. The camera or iphone. The last picture on the blog is taken with my iphone to show case my camera. After my sister, Candace, & Dad, Rob, introduced me to photography, I haven't looked back. It's a hobby that I love to continue to love about and try new things. Capturing photographs with my Canon or iPhone is something you will always seem me doing. It brings me so much joy!

10. Noonday Collection purse: The last thing on the list is my beloved "

Rustic Leather Tote

" purse from Noonday! It is made from a group of women who have leprosy in India. This purse has for the first time in their lives, given them purpose and recognition in their community. They have been shunned for their whole lives and looked down upon and this is the first time ever they have dignity and respect from their community. That's something I can't say about my fossil purse. So inspiring and that is what continues to fuel my passion to "purchase with purpose!"

iPhone version to debut my favorite hobby....my Canon. 

Enter Noonday Collection's


to win our Lines and Stripes Catch All bag! Only one day left! And, I want to know, what are some "must haves" in your purse? Can't wait to hear!