Trunk Shows, not just for elephant's anymore.

If you would have told me last year that I would be working for a direct sales company, I would have told you that you were crazy. In the past, I avoided the typical direct sales company like the plague. I have had many friends do a wonderful job with direct sales, but it was the pressure to buy that gave me anxiety.

However, what I love about Noonday Collection is their Trunk Shows which are are a super low-key, fun girl's night out with beautiful,

handmade jewelry

made from women all over the world. When you partner with a local ambassador not only do you advocate for our artisans and continue creating a sustainable job for them, you also get to have a fun night out with your friends, play dress up, and earn FREE jewelry along the way.

Noonday Trunk Shows are a beautiful example of women empowering women. Our artisans create gorgeous, unique jewelry for us ambassadors and we create a market place for them in the States through our shows. Without one another, neither of us wouldn't have a job. It's so powerful and I can't wait till the day I get the opportunity to meet some of our artisans face to face and thank them for giving me such a wonderful job. I mean, I get to meet tons of new women, wear beautiful jewelry,  and call it my job?!?! It's a dream come true. 

I hope you consider partnering with me and hosting a trunk show this fall. I can also connect you with a local ambassador in your area to host outside of the St. Louis area! Here's a sneak peek into my first trunk show with my biggest cheerleaders in my hometown, Va. Beach, Va! It was such a treat to share my first show with my world changing hostess, my mom & sister! 

Photos by my amazing, world traveling sister,

Candace Rose Rardon.

See the beautiful Noonday Collection here on my


The new fall line launches THIS Thursday. 

Get excited!