Huntington Beach #1

After a relaxing, exciting vacation to the West Coast, I'm back! My husband and I had the best time in Huntington, California visiting his family. This was my first time to Huntington and

I know it won't be the last! 

One morning, me & my sister in laws went out for a beach cruiser bike ride!

It was so fun soaking up the beach and having some sister time. 

And, of course, I had them capture a photo of me in my Noonday. Below, I am wearing one of my favorite necklaces from our summer line. The

Victoria Falls Necklace

! This necklace was {made with love} in Uganda. It is made from up-cycled paper beads from our African artisans group called "Africa Smiles." Our

Uganda artisan group

was our very first group to create pieces for Noonday so naturally, we have a special bond with them. I have posted a video below to give you an inside look at our group in Uganda and to meet Jalia and Daniel, our first two artisans for Noonday!

And, lucky for you, the Victoria Falls necklace is on


today. After watching the video, I think you'll see just how much your purchasing are changing lives & why I love "purchasing with purpose".