Weekend Getaway: Destination ll Saint Louis

This past weekend was one of the best so far. The build up I've been anticipating for this trip was huge but I must say, the weekend was better than I had ever pictured it going. I flew in to my future home, Saint Louis, MO at 9:30am friday morning. My fiancé, Aaron, picked me up and we went straight to this adorable do-nut shop that sold donuts for .55 (yes, that is real life!) They were DELICIOUS and insanely cheap. It was a w e s o m e. haha.

I later got to see our apartment we will live in together after we get married. AH. I loved it. Can't wait to get my hands on decorating the place :) Poor aaron has been living in a bare wall apartment. ;) 

Friday afternoon I had an interview with a Chick-fil-A in Saint Louis where I am hopeful to transfer my position as Marketing Director with the company. I love the company and I would love to continue my passion for serving my community through this position. 

Saturday, we toured around Saint Louis and then went to a Cardinals Baseball game! The weather was perfect, they handed out free jerseys, and we pigged out on Stadium food, it really was perfect. haha.     I love the city of Saint Louis so much already and I can't wait to call it home in just 74 days, but who's counting? ;) For dinner, Aaron took me to Bailey's Range, which was the cutest, coolest restaurant ever and I have a feeling it will be one of our favorites. I don't say this lightly when I say, I've never had a better hamburger in my life. It was insanely delicious. haha. We finished the evening at Ted Drewes, which is a Saint Louis must-stop destination and is famous for the frozen custard. I recommend that too....Saint Louis really knows how to eat well. 

The best part about my trip was how I could picture Aaron and I's life there. I got to see our apartment for the first time and most importantly, attend the church Aaron has called home for the last year and I know I am going to grow so much there. It was an amazing church and I really really loved it. God is moving and doing big things there! Even though you might not live in Saint Louis, I still recommend listening to the sermons online for "The Journey" church. Definitely worth your time. I can't wait to call it my church home and to begin making Saint Louis my new home. God has blessed me immensely and I am so thankful. What do you have to look forward to? Comment below to start the conversation and if your ever in Saint Louis, let's meet! :)