Engaged // Janie & Stephen

This engagement session was a little closer to my heart than most. Janie, the Bride-to-Be is my best friend from high school. When they asked me if I would be interested in taking their engagement photos I got so excited. I had never met Stephen and was not only excited to congratulate and met him in person, but to capture this special time in their life! 

We got along great & capturing their love was the easiest session I've ever done. Stephen makes Janie so happy and it was so evident the day I took their photos. I seriously couldn't have found anyone more perfect for my best friend and canNOT wait to celebrate with them on their big day... June 15th.

I know you won't be able to help but smile when you look at these photos....Have fun! And, Janie & Stephen, thanks for the extreme honor of taking your engagement photos & #canitbejuneyet??? :D Love you both!!! 



Stephen, I love how happy you make Janie!!! 

They have so much fun together.....I love their love. 

Definitely a contender for a favorite...Janie...your gorgeous! 

The Ring!

The Smithfield Ice Cream Parlor were Janie used to work :) 

I couldn't have paired my best friend with anyone better, this is a match made in HEAVEN.