Portraits // Yacht club

 Jahnel and I went on a photo adventure a couple days after I first got my Canon 5D Mark ii in      December! I was so excited and little did I know, Jahnel loves photography too! 
We work together at Chick-fil-A and have become great friends. She brings so much life to our restaurant and I am so thankful we have become friends! We decided we wanted to get lunch together and through that, we discovered we both had a passion for photography! So, we went out for Wendy's Chili....best. chili. ever. am I right!? Then, went our on photo adventure! 

The pictures below are photos we captured that day. We even met a funny sailor who took our picture...it wasn't even blurry! ;) Jahnel took the photos of me, and I love how they turned out! 

I love all of the new people and friends 2012 brought into my life and I am looking forward to fostering those relationships in 2013 and all the new people I will met this year! 

Happy New Year friends!