Top 4: Christmas Albums

Merry Christmas!

This really is the most wonderful time of the year, I'm convinced. Lately, I've been walking around
with my iPhone playing Christmas music where ever I am. Ever since I was little, i've been obsessed, just ask my family, with Christmas music. So, I thought I would do a Top 4 Christmas Albums post
for you! :) 

I know we are all listening to it, whether in our cars, homes or at work. It really gets me in the Spirit of the holiday. My newest favorite (which came as a surprise) was Cee Lo Green's Magic Moment! 
haha! I like Cee Lo Green, but I didn't expect to LOVE his Christmas album. My favorite song
is "Merry Christmas Baby"! You all have got to go listen to it now. :) 
If you haven't, you should definitely have a dance party to Cee Lo Green's Magic Moment.

I also am loving "She & Him, Baby it's Cold outside", "Burl Ives, Have a Holly Jolly Christmas" And, "Michael Buble, All I want for Christmas."
I love how Michael took the song and made it his own, to me, that's what makes one artist stand out from another...I just found this video and loved hearing the background story of how he made it!

But, what about you? What are your favorite Top 4 Christmas Albums? 
Maybe they will become our favorites too! 

Merry Christmas everyone!