College Friends: Friends for life.

When you go off to college, I think you can agree with me, everyone tells you "the friends you met in college, will be your friends for life." I was a little hesitate about this, yet, excited to go off to college and experience what everyone was talking about. It wasn't long into my freshman year when I found this to be true. The friends I met at Liberty are seriously, my best friends. I can't believe I have only known them for 4 or some even, less than that. They are always there for me, encouraging, blessing and strengthening my walk with the Lord. And, making me laugh. Always. 

Bottom line. God blessed me with some incredible friendships at Liberty and you always feel like you have the best friends in the world. I was pretty overjoyed when I saw that my "family" aka, friends for life, made it in the Liberty University yearbook. We are already leaving our legacy ;) 

So, this post is just a shout out to my best friends that I made at Liberty, I'm so thankful for them daily, but I just felt like they deserved a shout out tonight.